The Obligation of Energy Identity Has Been Postponed to 2020

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The application related to the regulation of preparation of energy identity certificates in the procedures of buying, selling and renting the residences, was postponed to the 1st of January,2020.

It was stated in today’s issue of the official newspaper of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

The passing of energy identity certificate was going to be issued by the Energy Efficiency Law till 2nd of May, Tuesday.

The ECB is a legal document showing buildings' energy consumption and carbon emission values, according to the law under the Energy Performance of Buildings Instructions within The Energy Efficiency Law No: 27.


With ECB application, it is generally aimed to use energy and energy resources effectively and efficiently, to prevent energy wastage and to protect the environment. There are informations such as energy demand and energy consumption classification of the building, greenhouse gas emission level, insulation properties, heating and cooling systems in teh document. For new buildings that receive a building license after 2011, the ECB must be taken in the building use permit phase and the energy class of the building must be at least C. It was envisioned that the ECB should be taken as of 2nd of May 2017 in the legislative arrangement for the existing buildings which construction licenses were obtained before the year of 2011 and that the energy class restriction should not be done in these buildings.

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