The Oldest Residences in Istanbul

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As known, the average ages of the residences in Istanbul is twelve and 'Endeksa', the real estate data analysis platform in Turkey, has revealed that the oldest residences in Istanbul are in the county of Fatih where the average ages of them are twenty-six. Also, the district of Adalar in which the residences over there are twenty-five years old in average and the district of Beyoğlu in which the dwellings are twenty-four years old in average follow Fatih in this context. Following these regions, the oldest houses are found in Güngören, Bakırköy, Beşiktaş and Kadıköy respectively.


In return for the districts with the oldest residences in Istanbul, the youngest residences are found mainly in Esenyurt and Sancaktepe where the average ages of the buildings are around four years. Following these regions, Arnavutköy, Çekmeköy, Sultanbeyli and Tuzla possess the youngest residences in Istanbul.

In addition to the ages of residences based on the districts in Istanbul, the average ages of the residences have been investigated based on type of the apartments. According to the results, the most aged 1+1 houses are in Fatih followed by Beyoğlu, Adalar, Bakırköy and Güngören. In contrast, the youngest 1+1 residences were found to be in Sultanbeyli. Moreover, while the most aged 2+1 houses were also found to be in Fatih, the youngest houses are located in Esenyurt and Sancaktepe. Although Fatih, Beyoğlu and Adalar have the most aged residences of 3+1, Sancaktepe has youngest 3+1 houses. In based on 4+1 houses, Adalar are found to be the host of the most aged residences while the youngest ones are sited in Sancaktepe.

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