The Phaeton Gang, Who Was Known As ‘Lacin’, Was Overthrowed!

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In Adalar, famous for its horses, an operation with 300 policemen was organized on a phaeton gang. The operation took place last Monday in Istanbul, Adalar. In the investigation carried out by two prosecutors in the Adana Republic Prosecutor's Office, 300 policemen have made a bust to 17 locations at the same time. In the operation which was for two groups who are called "Lachin" in the Adalar and whose leader is Y.A, 17 people were arrested including Y.A.’s sons E.A. , E. A. , İ.A. and G.A. 19 phaetons that belong to Y. A. , his wife and sons, were confiscated.


Claims Of Usury

The suspects who were accused of threats, usury and looting sometimes were selling horses to the coachmen and sometimes were renting the phaeton. The gang was monopoly in the sale of all the needs of the phaetonists of Adalar. According to the claims, the gang members were charging the phaetonists in Adalar and if the depts were not paid, they were seizuring their property. Police, records of money provided in the search for money reached. 45 separate real estate properties were identified on the suspects and according to the claims these all properties were forcibly taken from people who could not pay the money. Other than the real estates located in the Adalar, the gang has obtained hundreds of real estates in many other places in Turkey.

The suspects will be sent to the the court tomorrow.


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