The Price Of Second Hands Are Rise. The Reason Is Here

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In recent years, started to be voiced frequently ‘Is the housing price bubble occurred ‘questions began to come to the agenda again.


with the first report to answer this question in 2014 that the international commercial real estate consulting firm Cushman & Wakefield has issued its second report. In the report, the global market in housing price bubble indicator is considered as the price / rent and price / income ratios investigated, housing prices, data on construction costs as housing sales volume, interest rate and evaluated Turkey’s macroeconomic data light compared with inflation.


For a long time the report discussed housing price growth rate of rent increase is not the case for Turkey the risk of housing bubble is expressed as being on a lot of stressed Cushman & Wakefield, the Managing Partner Tiara Gönden whether the price increases in the housing sector is not sustainable which he said that the main problem in Turkey. Global market unlike the Gönder pointed that a hazard on behalf of the national economy of housing price increases in Turkey, in this case the reasons stated that limited the impact of the credit market, the increase in housing prices, and continued: “GNP ratio of housing loans in Turkey percent in 6 levels. This rate is around 50-60 per cent in the world. So, housing price increases in Turkey and abroad to levels seen before the global financial crisis Although satisfying because even low-GNP ratio of credit market in Turkey is not yet strong enough to affect the credit markets.”


Urban transformation in the process of renewing the request of value investors who want to participate in the return of the building, which will rise to 2 hands are shown as reasons for the increase in housing prices. Again, according to the report the need for temporary housing residence of the owners who have to change with the impact of urban transformation led to an increase in rental homes. According to the results emerged, and the record of the last 5 to 67 percent increase in per capita income despite 2 hand housing prices were determined doubled. The increase of 58 percent in new housing prices remain below the report draws attention to the increase in revenues. construction costs outside of urban transformation in sales prices, interest rates and while the increase in effective experienced in foreign exchange rates, especially if the Bust draws percent gold 55 increase in construction costs due to land shortage and rising land prices in central areas reminded that performed in the new projects are mostly wall region and therefore new housing he noted that the increase in prices remained relatively low.


The average return period for a housing investment in the report for 18 years, while housing investment value was detected is equal to 8.6 average annual income two years of the recovery period in the previous report of 16 years, while the investment value was disclosed to be equal to 7 annual income.


According to IMF data, as of the end of 2015, Turkey became the 6th most countries observed the price increase housing annually. List of countries at the beginning of Qatar, while New Zealand vehong Kong , Russia, the United Arab Emirates and in excess of 30 per cent decline in the price of housing in Ukraine occurred . In Turkey, rising housing prices in most provinces, respectively, Istanbul, Adana, was Yalova and Antalya. Residential sales prices and rental growth rate among the provinces is that the biggest difference between Isparta, Kahramanmaraş and Sinop’s.


Judging from the year 2012 in Istanbul until today has more than 100 per cent increase in almost all districts. This list Kadikoy district in the summit, Sarıyer, Zeytinburnu, Kartal and was listed as Fatih. In many towns where there ‘s a significant increase in the share of urban renewal activities.

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