The Prices of Food and Housing Cost a Bomb

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The highly spending was done to food and housing. News Agency Press had made an examination. According to the datas that they had collected the consumption expenditures in 2014 was about 2 thousand 848 Turkish Liras while in 2015 we can see that the comsumption expenditures was about 3 thousand 43 Turkish Liras.


The prices that families with few peoples had spend most of their money for accomodation and these kind of stuffs but they also spend a lot of money for fun. In nunlear families the money is spend in the same areas but the money spend for fun isof course less when compared with families with few people.


The Priority was for Food and Non Alcoholic Beverages

According to the datas collected by several establishments families with 5 and more members mostly spend their money for food and non alcoholic beverages. When we look at the money that nuclear families spend we can say that they spend the majority of their money to accomodation. They spend at least 792 Turkish Liras only for accomodation.


Other Expenses

As it is mentioned before we spend a lot of money for accomodation which is followed by beverages, cigarettes with 127 Turkish Liras, communication with 111 Turkish Liras, education with 66 Turkish Liras and lastly Health with 61 Turkish Liras. We can say and clearly understand from the datas that as human beign we spend money mostly for necessary things to the least necessary ones.



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