The property rates of Istanbul district goes up about 200% in last year

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The rates for residential buying within the Bahçelievler, which is a region in İstanbul has been improved by around 189% annually since September, based on the facts revealed by the leading web portal The regions of Arnavutköy and Kadıköy, as well as Bahçelievler, are not very posh areas on the European regions of İstanbul nearby İstanbul Atatürk Airport, since the area having the maximum annual raise, by means of rates that ascended 182% as well as 177%, correspondingly.
On the subject of rates for rental, per sq mt rental rates for residential properties in the external areas of Sancaktepe on the side of Anatolian of İstanbul arises 558% approximately, whereas per sq mt rates in the side of European region of Bağcılar amplified by 135%.

When it comes to the per month rates, the Beykoz region continued approximately a rise of approx TL 1,100, whereas Bağcılar plus Sancaktepe along with climbs of TL 900 and TL 950, correspondingly.

A year-protracted inclination heaving leasing rates has been continuing in Turkey’s biggest metropolis, with neighboring houses where colleges are situated rising in rates by 100%, İstanbul property Agents Nizamettin Aşa reported in August.

Indicating that the middle region of Beşiktaş is house to 9 colleges, as said by Aşa college going students are engaging nearly 20% of leasing houses in İstanbul.
External regions for example Küçükçekmece, Avcılar as well as the abovementioned Bahçelievler, regions where personal colleges have commenced in latest years, also have observed abrupt boosts, because the houses that lately obtained TL 700 to 800 per month are available at TL 1,200 to 1,300, as per Aşa.

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