The Property Tax Appeal Perıod Has Been Extended

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 The Property Tax Appeal Perıod Has Been Extended

As the right to appeal, which is valid until September 1, 2017, falls within the legal holiday between July 20, 2017 and August 31, 2017, tax courts may be sued within 7 days of the end of the administrative holiday. If the lawsuit can not be filed within this date range, the determined fair values ​​will be certain.


TGM Trend Real Estate General Manager Hakan Erilkun emphasized the necessity of following the declared values ​​of the municipalities: "Laws are very fast and often come out in a night outside the attention of the citizen. That is why we invite the citizens to be very careful, especially on vital issues such as property declaration values. Not many municipal declaration values ​​have yet been processed on the sites. The declaration values ​​determined by the municipalities are first notified to the muhtars. We advise all property owners to examine the property values ​​of their square meters, and if they are worth an exorbitant, they should be sued by using the right to individual litigation. "


Hakan Erilkun stated: "In the Ataşehir neighborhood, for example, the real estate declaration value increased to 50 percent in Ercüment Batanay Sokak. Libadiye Street, which is the boulevard of the same region, has increased from TL 1,600 to TL 3,000. Even this makes such a big difference in values ​​and in the real estate tax that it is the healthiest way for citizens to look at the prices of the points in the nearby regions, not only because their increases are more or less theirs, "he said.

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