The Reason Behind the Increase in Price of Houses is Population and Income Growth

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Prices of houses have been in rise in recent years in parallel with population and income growth. It is important to focus on the cities with population growth in order to make gain.

Prices of houses in our country have a tenceny to increase in recent years and this increase goes on day by day. Although most of the investors wait before they make investment because they think that this increase is temporary, the index of increase in price of houses shows that the increase will continue. Reidin-Gyoder’s  new price index of houses shows that; the prices of houses increased by 0,65 % in March compared to previous month, and has increased by 8,50 % compared to the same month of the previous year. The first period of index, January 2010, shows that in this period there is an increase by 69,70 %. One of the leading real estate companies of Turkey, Century 21 Turkey’s CEO, Onder Uzel, says that based on the price index of houses it looks like this increase in prices will continue increasing. Uzel who states that the reason behind the increase in house prices is population and income growth, also says: “ Population, income growth and urbanizing increases the demand in house, there is not enough construction and offices to satisfy this need. And there is not enough zone for construction. This circumstance pushes the prices of houses up.”

Those Who Make Real Estate Investment Will Make Gain

“Like everytime, real estate investment is one of the most gainful investment instrument, it will continue to be like this in the future, too” says Onder Uzel. He also states that the increase in prices of houses in a city is in direct proportion to the population growth in that city. Those who has real estate property to sell in big cities will make gain in the future.

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