The Relationship Between The Black Sea And The Gulf Tourist

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A ghost is traveling a very long time in the Black Sea. It is a ghost that you can easily feel. While the region is rapidly transforming, agricultural activity becomes worthless, the state pulls the health centers, the gendarmerie and the post office one by one from the villagers who are inhabited by the state, and all the rivers of the region are plundered like Hasan’s corpse, opening all the doors that are catching tourism in Karadeniz, one of the two highest- Expected to be cut as an expected key. Whether you want to sell your house to retire, to go back to retirement years, to cool off in the summer, or to stop pounding the HES, the tourist is wondering if he has the potential to overcome the “Black Sea” downturn.



Highland tourism, eco-tourism, sustainable tourism, boutique tourism, family tourism, adventure tourism etc. This ghost tried to be portrayed in thousands of adjectives has only begun to take shape in the last few years. The tourism potential sought for the Black Sea was finally found in the Gulf countries. The Eastern Black Sea, especially Trabzon, has become a highlight of the rich Arab countries over the past few years. From Al Jazeera Turk’s report in June we learned that only the number of Arab tourists who came to Trabzon rose from 30 to 410 in 2010-2015. If the Mayor of Trabzon says that the Arab tourists in the year 2015 with 1.3 billion dollars in revenue, in the last two years, 81 thousand Arab tourists and Trabzon around 271 houses bought from around. In Trabzon’s tourist labels, Arabic was added to the English side and the city’s tourism and real estate market doubled.

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