The Revenue Office Follows Up The Costs Of Seasonal Rental Taxes

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The revenue office follows up the costs of seasonal rental taxes

The Ministry of Finance took action by taking consideration of the risk analysis to reduce the tax losses and tax dodging.The revenue office brought more frequent inspections to avoid the tax loss and tax dodging.Those who indicated that their relatives own the houses but in reality dont and didnt declare will have to pay a fine.Those who rent their homes seasonally are followed by the revenue office too.


It was also taken into account with a special software system the house and apartment buyers and sellers in recent five years.With the information from banks and land records appears the difference between the real value of the real estate and the declared amount.


Strictly following up the construction

The revenue administration decreases the difference between housing purchase -sale and the inflation rate difference so that the administration can get the remained tax amount.After five years,the administration revenue doesnt want any taxes from the sold houses which are related to value increase incomes.To avoid illegal construction business in the sector the costs of the process are calculated from the beginning of the real estate constitutive until the sales process.In this way the software process will present the difference immediately who bought houses in last five years and handed them over or if the value rate got decreased from the first sale price the contractor has given.


1 billion loss

The revenue administration follows now the tax losses too,which cost 1 billion and just came from the house sales.The revenue office started to knock on the doors who bought and sold houses and did not pay their taxes to the state.Standards are brought to the municipalitie’s property tax values in real estate section with the new valuation system.So that the property sales can be made through the market value.Another subject in real estate which will be taken into consideration will be to prevent the out of orderies in exceptions and custodies.

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