The Right Choice Passed The Dollar On the Stock Market

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Dollar exchange rate won 21 percent in 2016. But in the stock market in istanbul, the right sector investors earned more than 50 percent. The right choice passed the dollar’s lead. What were the sectors that earned the most?

According to the Istanbul Stock Market data; The sports sector was the most earning sector with 57,80 percent. Metal industry became sector with 52.37 percent, financial leasing and factoring became thidr sector with 48,60 percent. Transportation became fourth sector with 29,52 percent,  food and beverag became the fifth sector with 7,16 percent, trade became sixth sctor with 5.1 percent and communication became seventh sector with 1.95 percent.


Among the shares of the companies included in the sports index, Trabzonspor was the biggest contributor to the investor with 123.62 percent, followed by Beşiktaş with 85.19 percent and Galatasaray with 82.80 percent.

The highest return in the metal industry sector was with Cemaş Döküm Sanayin with 120,34 percent and followed by Eregli Iron and Steel with 81,45 percent and Çemtaş Steel Machinery Industry with 51,32 percent.

The new favorite banking stocks on the stock exchange earned an average of 8.03 percent of investors in 2016. Among the shares included in the banking sector, Denizbank provided 161 percent with the most to investors, followed by Development Bank with 65.47 percent and Akbank with 18.97 percent. The biggest loss to investors was Şekerbank with 29.76 percent, Finansbank with 10.82 percent and Halkbank with 8.45 percent.

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