The royal Istanbul property encouraging foreign investors

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istanbul for sale

Istanbul is the most famous tourist place. The rates of properties in Turkey are increasing at the second utmost price of all leading world economies. Also sales to the tourists have augmented by 23.8% in the month of October as compared to the similar month of last year. Previous month, the government declared that Turkey will follow European Union countries like Greece, Spain, and Portugal by providing nationality to foreigners who are investing within the nation.

Istanbul will welcome about 12.5 million tourists by the year end; make it the world’s 5th most famous tourist destination.

In the progressively wealthier region of Beylikdüzü, the rate of Istanbul property is on a rising spiral. As stated by Adil Yaman who is dawn collaborator of Universal21, “rates in the region have increased by 20 to 22% a year for the previous 5 years”.

Suitably situated between Ataturk International Airport and central Istanbul, and a small distance to the Marmara coast, Beylikdüzü has ample of new expansions like the lately built Papatya Park Residence. Phase one has approx 387 apartments of 1 to 3 bedrooms with attached balconies is expected to be finished by 2016. There is no lack of luxurious properties all over the central Istanbul.

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