The Rule of Quality is Satisfaction

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At least 600 thousand houses are built every year in Turkey. Every centimeter of residential buildings is occupied. Some construction companies have come to realize this important reality; worker satisfaction, safety and quality. Anadolu Group's company AND Real Estate, which works with the fact that it works well with good work if it is satisfied with its work, has signed the United Nations global principles agreement to reveal that other values ​​are in square meters. AND Real Estate General Manager Ali Baki Usta, who gives information on the subject, said that they will also tell other construction companies about the signatures on each platform and start work on GYODER related to them.


The items of the Global Compact, which he hinted under AND, include many elements from corruption to workers' abuse. Ali Baki Usta, companies that match the materials they signed, said that they would do better work. Employers should endorse the freedom of association and collective bargaining, end forced and forced labor, stop employing all kinds of child labor, do not discriminate in recruitment and employment, be environmentally supportive , fighting all kinds of corruption, including bribery and tribute.


The company signed this agreement on April 17, 2017 and created a 'Happy Worker Platform' for employees. The Master spoke as follows; "Almost 90 percent of working workers live in the construction site. Unfortunately, the conditions of those sites are not very suitable. We understand that our standards are high, but happiness is important, and we have undertaken new responsibilities accordingly. We create social spaces in workers. We use an important budget in this area. We created a 'Happy Worker Platform' for our employees. With 'Forbes Fora' we created special times for them. We asked them for details that would make them happy, we added details that would make them happy with the menus. "

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