The Shanty Attack from TOKİ (Housing Authority)

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TOKİ (HA) had attacked for urban transformation in 48 cities.

The architect who is the biggest urban transformation movement of Turkey (TOKİ) attack to transform in 48 cities since 2004.

According to news of SABAH, under the renewal program 131 projects while maintaining the de facto, 236.366 housing initiated urban renewal project for completed construction life and the areas where have squatter problem. The authority who do the housing awarding of 111.141 housing, also had completed 75.761 housing product.



The president of Housing Authority (TOKİ) M. Ergün Turan noted that when look at the projects in destruction of independent production unit rates from among %10 and until %18 rate of change seeing in difference. Presindent Turan said that: ‘with the areas assessed as vacant land in completed projects these figure can be evaluated about 45 thousands.  In the ongoing projects, we will start to demolish 55 thousands of shanties. Our goal also convert 100 thousands shanties total.’



The president Turan who remind to take pains protection and improvement of cultural and historic values which appear with urban transformation areas. In project of Nevşehir Kale Etrafı urban transformation, during demolition works the biggest underground city of the world discovered. In addition, he added: ‘we aggreed with Municipality of Nevşehir for about protecting this area. Moreover, we supplied housing to the basic owners in Mehmet Akif Ersoy street. Aggreement was reached at with 3 thousands and 177 housing. These also 2.600 units were settled by delivery.

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