The Third Airport Has Raised Up The Prices %100

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Makbule Yönel Maya, fast estate strategy president assistant, pointed out that the prices of the area around the third airport have raised up %40-50 and this increase becomes almost 100 for the area existing in the Project land.

In his speech to AA reporter, Makbule Yönel Maya told that the third airport has affected fast estate sector and pointed out that the new city project which started to be built with the construction of the third airport in Istanbul will exist in the county borders of Arnavutköy in the Europe Side.

Maya told that the quarries existing in the Black Sea area and extending from Yeniköy to Akpınar will be home to airport project and said that the new city projects are planned to be built in the south of the airport project.

Emphasizing that while selecting place, the major reason behind the preference of this area is the third bridge and the North Marmara Highway, Maya expressed that the regions in one part of Yeniköy, Tayakadın, Baklalı, Boyalık counties and Hadımköy and the areas around Karaköy lile Durusu have affected fast estate market significantly.

Maya emphasized that in the areas in question the prices raised up to %30-40 compared to last year and the increase can go up to almost %100 for the area existing in the projects land. For the Yenişehir project which is to be developed thanks to the third airport project, Arnavutköy-Kayabaşı regions and the area in its north have been selected.

Maya pointed out that before the third airport project the prices of the mentioned area are rising in its routine rate, however with the third airport project the prices went up to 50 amounts. She said that for the areas of Baklalı, Boyalık and Yassıören, the square meter price was 60 TL but now the square meter price is 200 TL for fast estate.

Maya pointed out that for the areas in the center of Tayakadın and Arnavutköy the selling prices are about 500 TL and added that in her speech that the sales are on decrease however the wanted prices are still despite of this rate.
-“Silivri, Çatalca, Boyalık, Göktürk and Zekeriyaköy will gain importance”

Maya told that 70 of Yeniköy area will be in the project region and there are areas not used for building purposes but have parcellation lands. Besides, these lands have no right for building purposes but their prices are between 700-800 TL although they were 450-500 two years ago.

Pointing out that the area around Durusu Lake (old name is Terkos Lake) is next to the airport project and the area has no partial construction plan Maya said that “The planned part exists in the north of the lake. It has restrict of 1, 5 thousand parcellation. The smallest parcellation is 50 thousand square meter and these area have the right of %18 building equal and 3 floors of height. For the parcellations in question 250-300 TL was wanted two years ago. Now the cost has reached to 450-550 TL. In the region, the areas without construction right were sold 70-100 TL two years ago but for now they are for sale for 200- 250 TL. For the parcellations the cost of 250-300 TL for square meter two years ago and the situation that the area is in the project region and will open to public works are some drawbacks. For this reason there is no much demand for investments towards the regions existing outside of the basin.

Maya said that Tayakadın region will be planned by environment and urban planning ministry as it is in the project area. She told that although the airport building project has become absolute and the prices of the lands raised significantly, it is still risky to invest. The wanted prices for the square meters without construction right were 150-200 two years ago but not it is 300-400. The prices went up %50.

Maya pointed out that the third airport is on the location that the North Marmara Highway and Channel Istanbul projects come together. She told that one of the two new city projects will be in Karaburun. According to Maya, after completion of The North Marmara Highway in a short time, the main lines of which Silivri, Çatalca, Boyalık, Göktürk and Zekeriyaköy will gain importance and this will make the prices go up for about %25-30 amounts.

Emphasizing that the completion of the first step will be in 2017 and the airport will reach 150 million passengers gradually Maya told that the third project which is expected to be completed at the same time with the third bridge project will be on the region (3 thousand 500 hectares) on which Arnavutköy – Göktürk – Çatalca- roads come together and the airport will have 6 runways.

Makbule Yönel Maya pointed out that with the constructions of third bridge and airport and Channel Istanbul, the areas near these projects will be reached more easily in terms of transportation and she told that the region will attract investments of shopping, hotel, office as it is in the previous airport examples.

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