The Works are Completed! After the Real Estate Certificate Here Comes the ‘Bank Document’!

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The ‘Bank Document’, which is planned to become a new investment tool, has been made available to the CBRT as a means of liquidity if necessary.

Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli said that all technical work according to the bank document, which will be presented as a new investment tool for financial markets, has been completed. Nurettin Cenikli also gave the details about the bank document.

At the meeting of the General Assembly of the Banks Association of Turkey, the Deputy Prime Minister said that there are some negations in macro indicators and that these negations are seen in unemployment rates, inflation and interest rates but that these are not permanent problems and these 3 negative indicators will reach single-digit figures by the end of the year.


It is also stated in the Canikli speech that the bank document will provide securitization of the assets of the banks and that the technical works in this area are completed and that the final stage will be regulated by the Capital Markets Authority and that the reason of planning of bank document is requests made during the bank loans related to the third airport , given by Ziraat Bank, the decreasements of gross back-ups of Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey has come to the end, that the CBRT will be able to increase its gross reserves, that the problem of the severance payment will soon get a solution.

The bank document is known as the second new investment tool offered to the money markets after the real estate certificate. The Central Bank will be able to use the bank document in means of injecting liquidity tool when necessary.

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