There Are Those Who Want Rent Even From The Rooms in Fikirtepe

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Fikirtepe, which became a symbol of urban transformation, was also the address of the harsh bargains. Sayfa Construction Board Member Asuman Ozturk said that they are building 467 apartment houses in the district and that they have been awarded 400 TL for this and 16 trillion TL for three years. Öztürk said, "We are also seeing people who demand rent in a room, renting a three-story building for 30 people."


The square meters in Fikirtepe, which has become the symbol of urban transformation in Turkey, increased rapidly and it became the main address of the locations where the bargaining among the contractors and beneficiaries took place among the rising value of the Anatolian side. Some of the land owners in the region rent a room for the construction workers of the room, even a three-story building for the contractor out of the 30 lease out of those who want to be mentioned. Sefa Construction & Koyuncu Construction Partnership is one of the partnerships of the company which has developed the construction project in Fikirtepe, which is one of the most spoken neighborhoods of Kadıköy. Evinpak project housing investments, citizens' household demand and Fikirtepe'le meet the situation Sefa Construction Board Member Asuman Ozturk, KARAR'a told. Asuman Ozturk said that they have developed Evinpark projects in partnership with the Istanbul Anatolian side and said that one of them is a housing project of 432 apartments in Maltepe. Öztürk announced that the completion of this unit will be made in June 2018. Ozturk said, "The neighborhood culture is going to live here"


Asuman Ozturk pointed out that another one rose up at Fikirtepe and that it would consist of 467 apartments and 85 commercial areas. The project, which will appeal mostly to white cauldrons, announced that housing deliveries will begin in June 2019. Ozturk said that the investments would cost 250 million TL and 150 million TL, totaling 400 million TL.

Fikirtepe'de, Ozturk explaining that they think of selling out in October this year, said that there are 40 different types of apartments and the front facade is not closed. Explaining that the prices will be in the range of 8 thousand – 12 thousand square meters, Ozturk predicted that "this will become a skyscraper area, perhaps a very luxurious region after 10 years". Referring to the issue of rights ownership in Fikirtepe, Öztürk said that landowners were not victims and that even the best opportunities could be offered by the contractors, but still people who think they did not get enough rights. Ozturk pointed out that the land owners who do not know the imitation also encountered, continued his words: "What is the right given? How many square meters of land can be constructed while the number of square meters? When the rights holders go to the municipality while taking the land title, they must also learn the zoning situation. But different stories are coming out. 'The contractor came out on the 10th floor instead of the 8th floor' there is no such thing. One went horizontally, the other vertically. After all, the municipality has a bachelor's degree: How many square meters in the construction area. I can build 200,7 square meters according to the area. Whether I do this on a horizontal or vertical basis, I take it out. There are two floors next to me, I'm on the 10th floor, no one to look at it. But there is this in Fikirtepe. Maybe the contractor has offered him a lot of good opportunities but he still thinks his right is right. This is due to the fact that others are acting with reason. "

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