There is an Increase by 23 % in Number of Branded Housing Projects in Istanbul

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Istanbul goes on with being a base for branded housing projects. Branded housing projects have been rising consecutively in 2016 just like the previous years.

Thus, statistics corraborate this information. Based on the last study, which has been carried out by EVA Real Estate Property Valuation about ‘ Branded Housing Project of Istanbul’, there is an increase in branded housing projects in İstanbul by 23 % compared to the previous year. Secondly, it is observed that there is an increase in the number of branded houses by 16 %. Here are some areas in İstanbul in this sense…

First one of the cities of Istanbul which has a continuous increase in house prices is Bakirkoy. In this city, which is one of the most developed cities of Istanbul, there was an increase in house prices in 2015 by 30 % compared to the previous year. Experts say that this increase will also continue in 2016. Bakirkoy is one of the favoured places both by the investor and the house buyer thanks to the seacoast and its transportation alternatives such as the metro, the metrobus, the airport.

Topkapi-Atakoy Line, the former industrial area of Istanbul has succeeded in arousing interest of the investor recently. Different projects such as hotel, office and shopping mall have been being designed in the area which is being in demand of house day by day. Its central location, transportation alternatives and closeness to the airport are some of the most important factors which arise the charm of the area. The prices are really high in Topkapı-Atakoy area which is shown interest also by the foreign investor.

When it comes to the subject of ‘branded house’, Kucukcekmece is another area. The area in which the number of branded houses are ever-increasing in recent years has become the frequent destination fort he investor. There are some houses which are solf for astronomic prices in the area, which is preferred by large companies. Experts state that Kucukcekmece will also take part in mega transportation projects which will be carried out in the next periods in Istanbul so that its value will increase much more with the existance of metro line.

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