There Is No Dwelling Production For The Poor In İstanbul

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There Is No Dwelling Production For The Poor In Istanbul

Ministry of environment and urban planning and TOKI, are looking for finding a solution to the problem about the housing right of the poor and the ones with middle income.

Aside from the city centre, the house prices even in the zones which has the potential for development reached up to millions of Turkish Liras. Contractors states: “ Private sector can not solve this problem.”. While citizens are in search of a solution to their harbouring problem, contractors suffer from lack of sales.

Land Prices increased 366 % In Last 6 years

Representatives of real estate market state that 70-80% of housing demand comes from the people with small or middle income but they can not make production for this segment. Land prices are shown as the reason why they are not able to produce for the people with lower income. Based on the study which has been carried out by Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) Real Estate Value Assessment, land prices increased from 75 % up to 366 % in last 6 years. The highest price increase rate was in Kağıthane, Arnavutköy, Kartal, Ataşehir and Başakşehir in the time period of 2010-2016. Contractors who says that their raw material is land, also says that they wish to produce cheap houses in the case that there is land development with cheap price.

“Let’s Bring The Land Costs Down”

Companies and associations have been knocking on TOKI’s and Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation’s door with various projects. Lately, contractors met president of TOKI, Mehmet Ergün Turan. In the meeting in which sectorial problems have been discussed, there was another specific discussion, “ How to become a homeowner with small income?”. This question was the main topic of the meeting. And it looks like this problem can not be solved for the nearest future.

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