There Was A Draw Lots 268 Housıng In Tokı Kayabaşı

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As we know, TOKİ has a lot of housing projects in Turkey and need owner people have a house for themlselves thanks to TOKİ’ s projects. Nowadays TOKİ is carrying on a project that calls Kayabaşı Urban Transformation Project in İstanbul. And in the recent days, there was the housing draw lots for 268 people.


TOKİ’ s aim is that give a house to every need owners firstly. And taking the payments easy for them and as at a reasonable amount from them. Because buying a house is not always easy from another places or a person. And as adding to this, in generally , the payments are not easy for people, too. Sometimes the time periods of payments are not suitable, sometimes the payment conditions or payment amounts are not suitable for people. Because our earned money can not be enough to buy a house exactly.

That housing raffle ceremony was done in 30 May, 2017, Tuesday in TOKİ İstanbul Service Building Conference Hall. During the housing raffle ceremony that was organized by TOKİ, there were notary and TOKİ authorities.


While The Kayabaşı Urban Transformation workings are going on smoothly and quickly, some transactions are formalized for housing owners. These things will buy people gave 15 years payment time by monthly periods and TOKİ will give renting payments to them until the delivery of housing. Thus, the housing owners won’ t be aggrieved because of their homeless times.

As finally, the housing structs and plannings are like that:

268 housing were built, 6 of them 1+1, 47 of them 2+1, 213 of them 3+1 and 2 of them 4+1 as rooms and living rooms.


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