They Will Race For Galatasaray’s Rival İn Riva

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Galatasaray Club President Dursun Özbek stated that it is pleasing that 9 companies have bid for the tender for the yellow-red club in Istanbul Riva. Özbek stated that the first stage of the tender for the Riva area was realized within the framework of the protocol signed between Galatasaray Club and Emlak Konut GYO for the purpose of evaluating the "revenue share of Flora and Riva land" between the Galatasaray Club and the " I am very pleased that it will take place in Turkey and this shows their confidence in the Turkish economy and Galatasaray brand value.” Used expressions.


The proposal for the first tender was an offer to be awarded only to the tenderer's ability to participate in the auction stage, Özbek said:


"The real value of the tender will be revealed through an open auction in front of the public on June 15. The final income of Galatasaray Club and Emlak Konut will become clear as sales are completed.I have always been modest in this regard until today, I would like to thank all the companies that have offered their offer on behalf of my person and club and I would like to thank them for this transparent tender process which they have also carried out to Real Estate Housing authorities. "


The highest bid to the tender is the sale of land, the total revenue of the sale is 1 billion TL, the sale of the land is 100 million TL, the share of the sale of the land is 10 percent. Eltes İnşaat Tesisat San. And Tic. AŞ.

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