Those Who Invest in The Right Market Will Win

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The year 2017 will be the year of investors in real estate. How much will be the real estate prices and which place should be making an investment in Istanbul, which is the outlook of the investors? Residential house sales increased by 25.1 percent in October and November compared to the same month last year.

House Less Than 3,500 Liras Are Demanded

As of January-November period, the cumulative number of sales reached to 1 million 198 thousand 740 with an increase of 4.5 percent. While there is more demand in the real estates with a floor area of 3 thousand 500 liras in Istanbul, there are projects between 3 thousand 500 and 7 thousand liras are preferred if the location is good.


Houses that are over 1 Million liras are are sold hardly.

Experts predict that the mobility of the Istanbul’s real estate market will be for apartments below 500,000 liras this year. Coldwell Banker’s Country Chairman Gökhan Taş, According to our predictions in 2017, the prices increased at bazaar under 500 pounds six pounds,prices remain constant in the market among 500 thousand pounds-1 million pounds and prices decrease in the market over 1 million pounds.

Before European Side

The absence of land and property in Istanbul is very important in the rise of real estate values. According to investor reports that take turn, The most valuable counties of Istanbul are in European Side. But In the branded housing projects on the Anatolian side, the square meter unit prices exceed the limit of 10 thousand liras.

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