Those who know a few Arabic Words Can Sell House to Arabs

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Avi Alkas, president of JLL Turkey, who strongly criticises the fact that investors to Turkey from Gulf Countries are misleaded, also says: “ We are in a dangerous process. People who can speak Arabic just a little, introduce themselves as a real estate expert. Investor should not be misleaded by empty promises. This is completely putting ourselves in jeopardy.”

Unexperienced Experts

Avi Alkas, president of JLL Turkey, which is an international real estate consulting company, says that investors from Gulf Countries, go on taking an interest in Turkey but also there is a risk in this period. He states that investors are fooled by brokerage houses or intermediary people with empty promises. He says: “ We are in a dangerous process. We see or hear that investors who come from gulf countries are guided by ill-minded people. People who do not have a bean are in this sector now. If they speak 3 words in Arabic, they introduce themselves as expert. They guide the investor by using unrealistic assurances. When they sell a carpet with a price ten times more than its real value in Grand Bazaar, people would not say “Carpet seller Huseyin has swindled us.” but they would say “ Turkey is such a country.”. It is same with real estate market. Such ill-minds can put us at risk, this shoots ourselves in the foot. Alkas, who states that a similar problem has encountered in retail industry,too, also says that those who receive goods in high quantity, are put in an awkward position in terms of tax refund.

Alkas, who says that there is a negative feeling about Turkey in abroad states: “ Thoughts about Turkey are not good at all. Far from commercialize the country, it appears like Turkey is a war territory.“

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