Those Who Want To Buy Home Are Happier Now

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The state is aiming to help those who want to buy a new home. It was promised that the state contribution would be provided to the builders in the statement made. The banks are organizing campaigns to attract people to open these accounts in their own banks. In this case, the advantage is the consumer. Consumers will be able to benefit both from the state contribution and from the campaigns offered by the bank.

When is First Application?

The application went into force on August 26th. Those who want to buy a house will start to accumulate after they open the housing account.

What are the Terms?

First you need to open a housing account. Once you open your housing account, you can start to accumulate. According to the accumulation you make, the state will make a certain contribution to you when you buy a house. In addition, the banks are trying to attract those who want to buy a house with various campaigns. People seems to be confusing and undecided.

The Amount of Contribution

The contribution of the state will be up to 15 000 Turkish Liras. Housing account holders are required to pay a regular amount each month. This amount varies between 250-2500 Turkish liras.

How did the banks make campaigns?

The bank aims to lower interest rates on loans. In addition, the accumulation you made is in special interest-giving banks. With these options the banks are aiming to be attractive.

How Many Months Pay?

There are different options. Your contribution depends on your salary, the contribution varies. Those who are 36-47 months account for 15% of the savings in the housing account; Those who are 48-59 months are 18%; Those who are 60 months or older will receive government contributions up to 20 percent. According to this; 75 thousand Turkish Liras for 5 years, the state will give 15 thousand Turkish Liras.

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