Three-day Tour in Istanbul

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The lines when entering Istanbul, Turkey’s capital city major sites can take long to cross. However, when you have crossed Bosphorous, there lies a less-harried, cleaner, more conservative and a greener Asian side which offers a multicultural diversity of artsy hotels, hipster night life, and Ottoman palace. The former fishing villages and pine-forest hilly trails give a perfect opportunity to eat the baklava and a relaxing water view of from the tea gardens. at the north are wealthy Turks living in Villas while moving south Kadikoy bursts with bars, bookstores, fish and vegetable markets.


The perfect mansion-2 p.m.

AbbsaHilmi, the Egyptiangovernor while reigning in his Ottoman sultan built the HidivKasri or Khedive palace, which is a graceful summer home. Apart from the park with cafes and restaurants set amid pile railed trails and rose gardens, the palace is known to have the Art Norveuadding its glamor to the ceramic tiles, stained glass as well as the marble pillars surrounding the fountain. Moreover, just watch the floor decorated with Kangaroo statue and wacky giant squirrel sculptures. Families can savor their Turkish coffee and Sour-cherry bread pudding.

Hunting spree-4 p.m.

Kucuksu Pavilion, designed by SarkisBalyan is an eight-room palace building that served as Sultan Abdulmecidhunting lodge. Having no formal bedrooms, its outside is charmed with Baroque frills complemented by geese and glamorous carvings of pomegranates. The palace at the river side was a hottopic in the 1800s for Western engravers and it was often referred to as the sweet waters of Asia.

Dine with a panoramic view | 6 p.m.

The Tapasuma restaurant’s water hotel terrace on the Sumahan grounds gets better at night when the moonlight brings a change to the sparkling lights from white to blue or pink. Moreover, get the international menu with a bit of Turkish twist. From sea bass stew to Sesame-coated beef and Circassian chicken as well as Turkish milk puddings: mastic, rosewater, and berries. A two-people dinner cost approximately 350 Lira inclusive of the wine.


Explore the Empire |9:00 a.m.

The Beylerbeyi palace with Hereke carpets, grand staircases, indoor fable fountain, Baccarat crystal chandelier and Yildiz porcelain is lavishly decorated impressive building that dates back to the 19th century. The palace was once used to host the European loyalty with the last overnight guest being the Turkish Republic founder, Mustafa Kemal. The entrance fee is 20 Lira.

A Mix of culture|11:00 p.m.

TheKuzguncuk’sarts colony is a popular place for newly wedded brides and photographers. Local designers and souvenirs are all over BirKuzguncukDukkani, Cop Madam cooperatives sell their small purses while you can get AyseDurukan’s Popsicle-stick bookmarks. The area also boasts a synagogue, Armenian churches plus Greek Orthodox and a mosque.

Midday Meze-Noon

Get at the Bosphorous shore in the midday for pricey fish meals. For a friendlier price, go to Kosinitiza for sea bream chunks or fresh anchovies in a spicy tomato, here you can get 4 plates with only 60 Lira. Else you can go to the KuzguncukBalikcisiand get seasonal fish for 15 Lira.respectively.

High Pavilions|2:00 p.m.

BuyukCamlica the highest pavilion in Istanbul is near where anAsian skyline dominating mosque is being built. At 850 feet high, the breathtaking view of every twist of the Bosphorous has even inspired writers such as Lady Mary Wortley and Lord Byron. While still here settle at the Ottoman coffeehouse and be served with black coffee for only 3 Lira and hazelnut for 4.4 Lira.

Matinee Idyll -4p.m Evening

Grab a cab rides to the south toSureyya Opera House and trendier Kadikoy. You just need to book your seat with 25 Lira and be entertained by the Ballet performers or the Istanbul state Opera. From the European classics like Verdi to the Turkish works such as ‘Hurrem Sultan”, the space is also used to host annual Music Festival concerts of Istanbul.

Savor some wine and shop -6 p.m.

Why don’t you explore the Anatolia’s viniculture heritage opened in 2002? Here you can savor the taste of a glass ofSultaniye for 15 Lira. After that go shopping at the Cicekisleri gift shop just around the corner and get yourself Olive wood earrings for 35 Lira andOlive oil soap for 20 Lira.

Dinner at Ciya|8:00 p.m.

You cannot find a delicious dinner than at Ciya. For example, at GunesliBahceSokak 38A you can get seasonal menus like beef meatballs in summer, kebab in autumn and roast goat for the spring while the Walnut dessert and softened husk is served throughout the year. Dina goes for 80 Liras without alcohol but you can go to NO.43 street in CIya for dinner served with alcohol.

Dance to the tune |10:00 p.m.

The BarlarSokak at Kadife street in Kadikoy draws a student crowd due to its cheap price. The night here is lively and you can choose Karga, Arka or Oda. Moreover, the younger set is more attracted to Upstairs and Stereogun while the downstairs are filled with the older crowds. The throbbing music beat can be heard at 360 East tunes all thenight or atDoubleTreeModa restaurant. They charge 40 Lira for the whole weekend.

Shore feel |noon

Having being a home for wealthy merchants, the coats stretch that neighbors Moda still maintains the moneyed atmosphere because of the marinas and the private clubs. Take Simit’s seaside breakfast before moving to BagdatCaddesi for to watch the sidewalk cafes andboutiques, you can also pop in at Vakko and admire its ornate wooden exterior as well as checking at the fine silks for about 200 Lira and durable lambskin wallets for 390 Lira.

The perfect send off

The Baris Manco House Museum, a quirky museum is in Moda. The museum is Turkish Rock Star’s shrine and you cannot prevent yourself from admiring its Victorian-style structure outside. Inside the staircase paintings resembles the star’s piano keys as well as other collections of his music instruments.

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