Toki Announced The Number Of Housing To Be Built In 2017

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TOKI President Mehmet Ergün Turan, announced that, aims to build a minimum of 65 thousand housing in 2017. The session titled “Real Estate: New Direction of Growth” was held at the Uludag Economic Summit. Prime Minister Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) Chairman Mehmet Ergün Turan, who speak at the session “The real estate market has been criticized in the last 10-15 years. The responsibility for the underdevelopment of the industry is perceived as the real estate sector. We do not agree with that. The real estate sector must be ahead of its time to come closer to its 2023 targets. Why the industry is not in the desired place, the title can be discussed.” said.


“Our Aim Is To Built Minimum Of 65 Thousand Housing In This Year”

Referring to the fact that the sales figure in the real estate in Turkey is 428 thousand in 2008, Turan said, “even though coup attempt in 2016, despite the troubled situation in the region, approached 1million 400. This is a promising figure. As relevant to production figures in 2006, The number of housing production, which is 320 thousand, reached to nearly 750 thousand in respect of 2016. TOKI was established in 198 and has been able to produce 43 thousand houses in 19 years until 2003. While We produced 43 thousand houses in 19 years, now we have reached 775 thousand. In 2016 only we have produced 65 thousand social housing. Our aim in this year is to build at least 65 thousand houses.

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