TOKI Becomes Super Brand

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According to the research done by Superbands Kosovo, one of the leading companies that make measurements worldwide among 4,988 brands from different sectors, TOKI was the only public brand among 181 Turkish brands.


The Only Public Brand At List

TOKI President Ergun Turan said that among the 4,988 brands from different sectors, consumers had selected 181 brands and the only public brand among them was TOKI. He added, “As TOKI, we have received full support and positive feedback from the consumers thanks to the fact that we have renewed the production system and TOKİ is the super brand of the real estate sector in Superbrands 2017

Turan has stated that in the selection of a super brand candidate, the company's technology, investments, quality of work, creativity, investments in branding, brand continuity, contribution to social responsibility projects, compliance with ethical values and tax rankings are determined as basic criteria.

Turan, who added that they are working to make TOKI become an organization to be shown as a reference in the sector, said:

“We believe that TOKI will be a reference organization with quality in both material and workmanship within the sector in the near future and we are working with this aim. It is a significant success of our establishment that companies which are involved in TOKI projects show us as a reference to others. TOKI will be a model organization with its architectural, engineering and application disciplines as well as building and production materials. Our effort is for this.”

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