TOKI brings 207 immovable sold in 29 provinces

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TOKI, in 29 provinces, will sell a total of 17 207 residential real estate is auctioned. Business locations in advance 25 percent and 120-month term for determining, there will be two options for housing.


Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKI ) President, by public auction in 29 provinces and 190 offices, 17 residential enjoying total of 207 real estate for sale.


According to information received the AA correspondent 14 July immovable property at auction to be held in 2016 will be available only term sales. 25 percent of business locations in advance and 120-month term, while 12 percent residential and 25 percent cash advance 180 -month term of the options will be sold with a 120-month term.


Istanbul Esenyurt Kayabaşı 3, 15 , 16, 19 and Tasoluk Ring Hadımköy and Eyup with 21 of kiosks and business sites, Ankara, Eskişehir Road complete sports facility in Turquoise Valley, Adana was built in the framework of urban renewal in the barracks in the neighborhood 43 offices, 10 Denizli Pamukkale thermal Karahayit hostel, Kırşehir Kaman in the market place in the shopping area and business center, located between Konya Tamarisk in the market places of business will be sold by public auction.


25 percent work in advance with the 120-month term
Adana ( Seyhan, Ceyhan Şambayadı, Yüregir Akkuyu, Yüreğir Barracks Mah.), Istanbul ( Taspinar ), Ankara ( Ayas Hacırecep, Turquoise Valley Gym ) , Balıkesir ( Banda 2nd stage Edincik Kayacık ), Çankırı ( Çerkeş , afraid of Uludag ) Çorum, Denizli ( Karahayit ) , Diyarbakir ( Bismil ), Erzincan ( Çayırlı, Grapes Bayırbağ ), Gaziantep ( Beylerbeyi ) , Giresun ( Power ), Igdir (Tuzluca ), Istanbul ( Halkali 501/2 GOP Tasoluk, Kayabaşı 3, 15 , 16, 19 and 21 zone ), Istanbul ( Afshar ‘s ), Kastamonu ( networked ), Kayseri ( Bunyan, İncesu are Calm, Yahyalı ), Kırıkkale ( Balışeyh ) , Kırşehir ( Kaman ), Konya ( tamarisk ), Istanbul (Salihli tights that ) Mardin, Nevsehir ( Hacıbektaş 2nd stage ), Niğde ( Bor Kızılyar, Çamardı 3rd stage ), Tokat ( Dedeli ), Trabzon ( Zagnos ) and Yozgat ( Sarikaya 2nd phase ) project in located places of business to 25 percent after the 120-month term to be sold.


Adana Sarıçam Suluca Eskisehir Vadişeh 2nd stage, Kırıkkale Bahşili 4th stage, Nevsehir Urgup, Sivas Yenimahalle Trabzon and residences located in Akcaabat projects a 12 percent advance will be presented to buyers with 180 -month term.


Altindag Ankara, Kayseri and Osmanabad District Central 6 sale by auction of the dwelling in Yesilyurt 25 percent advance in the project will be carried out with a 120-month term options.


Applicants are starting on June 29
Applications will be accepted from June 29 to July 14 date through authorized banks.
of real estate, appraised value of thousand pounds for up to 34 thousand 999 pounds, 35 thousand -99 thousand 999 pounds for 5 thousand pounds, 100 thousand – 349 thousand 999 pounds to 10 thousand pounds, 350 thousand -2 million 999 thousand 999 pounds and 50 thousand pounds to 3 million pounds and over 2 hundred thousand pounds to be paid for the guarantee of participation.

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