TOKI Of The Land 205 Million Pounds Bid

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Turyap according to a statement from the auction sale of plots owned and TOKİ property, down payment starting at 25 percent, with terms up to 24 months, met with the investors.

At the auction, education in the field was of great interest. The kindergarten area in Ankara Etimesgut has increased from 2 million 200 thousand TL to 5 million 200 thousand TL and private secondary education facilities area has increased from 2 million 485 thousand TL to 5 million 500 thousand TL.

In Istanbul Başakşehir, the special education facility area received an offer of 17 million TL and the private primary education facility area received 22 million 100 thousand TL. The highest price in the auction reached 18 thousand 383 square meters residential land plot in Ankara Yenimahalle. The Muhammans' price is 20 million 221 thousand TL and the land is 28 million 200 thousand TL.

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In İzmir Aliağa, 15 houses suitable for housing construction and 3 commercial properties were received separately, and the bid values ​​were increased by 10% and sold by the collective bid system. An investor who participated in the auction from Ankara halls gave 12 million 716 thousand TL for 18 land. Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir auction halls were offered live from the internet and the auction was held at the auction concurrently and the auction race to the arsenal in Çeşme district won the İzmirliler. Nearly all of the salespeople in Izmir received bids. The highest priced land was 20 million 279 thousand TL with suitable land for housing construction.


TOKİ's work place and residence will be sold at auction on June 1 at 11.00 at the TOKİ Conference Hall in Bilkent Ankara and the auction room opened by Turyap in Istanbul Şişli.


Those who want to participate in the auction without coming to the Ankara and Istanbul halls will be able to bid with the live broadcast from A total of 13 provinces, 151 jobs from 30 thousand TL, 12 villages 136 houses 55 thousand 100 TL prices will be sold.


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