Toki President Turan Says People Live In Unhealthy And Disaster-Prone Areas

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The 5th Alliance of Civilizations Istanbul Conferences organized by the Coordination Board of Turkey, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Istanbul International Civilizations Research Center (MEDAR) took place.

President of the Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKİ), Mr. Ergun TURAN, as a speaker, made an important speech during the conference. In Turan’s speech, “the physical texture of a city reflects human beings, and this texture can affect not only the spirit but also the future and the world of belief.” said.


TOKİ President Turan underlined that rapid urbanization, crooked and illegal structures, population increase, earthquake risk, migrations and slum settlement is a big problem for cities, “Today Turkey has a population of 80 million, about 23 million houses. About 600-700 thousand new houses are being built each year, and housing demand in Turkey is due to population growth, renewal, migration and urban transformation, and the urbanization rate is high and it is predicted to reach 90% in 2023.
Turan emphasized that the political will in Turkey, the need for low and middle income groups paid attention to the housing of the citizens and that a “mobilization of housing” was initiated in this direction. “Within this scope, the objectives of housing production have been defined in concrete terms. The political stability of the country and the diminishing political worries for the future are important in terms of the success of the model, the stabilization of the inflation and the establishment of the market environment, the necessary reforms. TOKI has been able to produce appropriate solutions in this regard. By being directly connected to the Prime Minister, the bureaucracy became less influential. TOKI has come up with a public structure that is “generating its own source” itself, passing through imaginative new financial models in the face of limited public resources

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