Toki Reached 50 Thousand Houses in The First 10 Months Of The Year

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Ergun Turan, President of the Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKİ), said that they have reached 50 thousand housing units this year, indicating that they are building residential and living areas for the citizens in the narrow and middle income groups all over Turkey.

Turan, who stated that they will build 1 million 200 thousand houses in 2023 to meet the needs of the citizens, which is the most basic necessity of the citizens, "We will build new living areas with high quality of life, which are expressed in 10 thousand in many cities of Anatolia until 2023 with planned production disciplines. We will build about 259 thousand 220 dwellings throughout Turkey in the middle of the 2016-2019 period.


Housing production continues rapidly in 2017

Within the framework of our 2016-2019 strategy, Turan emphasized that the targets are 259 thousand 220 houses, "We have tendered 50 thousand houses in this frame and we started construction. We will produce about 65,000 houses a year to realize our 2023 goals. Every year about 65 thousand houses will be presented to our citizens who have not been housing. This year we will have aimed at our target, "he said.

"With the number of social housing production, we are pleased to build quality and safe housing for the nation and serve the ideal of living in beautiful cities," Turan said.

"We are delighted to see successful results in the renewal process that began in 2014 with the quality and qualities of homes that are as important as numerical targets.

Especially in our Anatolian cities, construction of thousands of dwellings, which contribute to the neighborhood culture with our new production model and which are based on horizontal building and which have traces of the local lines of the cities, continue. These projects reflect the vision of "projects that add value to cities" that we have developed on the blending of cadastre and modernity. We are in an intensive work process as an institution.

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