Toki Were Part In The Bid To Build 310 Housing For Taşköprü

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Housing Development Administration is going to build 310 housing, 1 trade center that has 3 stores and a mosque in Taşköprü. Before the housing count was not 310, the housing count was 210. But The Mayor of Taşköprü, Hüseyin Arslan found in some efforts and the housing count has increased as 310. Then Toki were part in the bid to build housing for Taşköprü. And in the last April, all of fortunate people has chosen for the housing that has 310 homes.

Toki Presidency announced that the bid will be in İstanbul Toki Service Building in 5 July,2017 at 14:00 o’clock.

The Mayor of Taşköprü, Hüseyin Arslan said that will finish all of the housing for 550 days that in this project completely. Also, Hüseyin Arslan talked about that he had been satisfied about increasing the housing counts and having a lot of homes for need owners.


If we talk about the project has designed on an area that was 27 thousand 500 square meters. And It will be built by tunnel mold system method on that area. Each of houses interior structure is designed as two rooms, one living room and a kitchen in one house.

Arslan thanked to a lot of people that were part in this project. According to The Mayor of Taşköprü, Hüseyin Arslan, this project is important for all of need owner people because the most of need owners can have a house owing to this project.

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