TOKI Will Construct In 35 Cities 7,715 Housings For The Retired People

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TOKI will construct in 35 cities 7,715 housings for the retired people

The President of TOKI Mehmet Ergun Turan , ” We will construct in 35 cities 7,715 housings for the retired people.” TOKI has this year a target of 60 thousand homes and invested in the last 13 years 120 billion TL for this sector.

The President of TOKI Turan comments about the effect of the administration to the economy ” Stepping forward and stepping one time back is a return of a 1 billion dollar.”


With a 120 billion TL investment in the last 13 years became TOKI the biggest actor in construction sector.

The Administration which has a direct contribution at growth and employment puts its highest target for 2016.This year we planned 60 thousand housings to put into practice says Turan and adds ” If we want we can exceed this number.In August is going to be made a tender for 60 thousand housings.”

Turan came together with the Economy Directors of the Newspapers and summarized the effection of TOKI for the economy.” With the sub-sectors together there are 250 thousand peple who work at the construction every month and this number of employment for a fabric will need to invest more than 2 years.TOKI has in total 700 building sites and 520 of them are active.Almost 90 thousand people will work this summer for the TOKI’s building sites.

Anayasa deðiþiklik paketinde yer alan memurlara mutlu eden düzenlemeler, Toplu Konut Ýdaresi'nden (TOKÝ) ev alanlarý üzecek. Yeni Anayasa taslaðýna göre bundan böyle memur maaþlarýnda Uzlaþtýrma Kurulu'nun kararý etkili olacak. Böylece memura verilen zam yükselecek. (CÝHAN/Hasan Bozkurt) (2010.03.26)

TOKI’s share is 8,5 percent

In the period between 2002-2015 were in Turkey 7,5 million housings producted and among them were 700 thousand social housings said Turan.” These housings consist of 15-20 apartment buildings which are built by 8.5 percent TOKI,1,5-2 percent corporated firms ,89-90 percent little and medium sized firms.We have a special function which prevents an extreme price increase and forms the housing prices and rents in the market standards.We made a 120 billion TL investment in the last 13 years and offered for 450 thousand people to own a house who couldnt normally afford to buy it in these market standards.

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