TOKI’s First Real Estate Certified Sale

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TOKI, will sell the construction with the real estate certificate. The project has been started in Basaksehir. This project is the first that real estate certificate is used. 28.6% of the project is equivalent to 3.37 million shares. Each share will be sold from 42.5 TL. TOKI President Ergun Turan and the chairman of the Makro İnsaat; Ercan Uyan held a press conference.  They explained that they will sell the 28.6% of Basaksehir Park Mavera 3 project by real estate certificate.

The TOKI President M.Ergun Turan said that the related project is in a region that appeals to the middle and upper income group. The real estate certificate provides an opportunity for the small investors and they may have a share from the Basaksehir project and make profit. Turan also explained that 100 shares mean 1m2. According to calculations, for purchasing a 125m2 house (2+1 apartment) there must be 11 thousand 58 shares. This may reach to 21 thousand shares according to the betterment. The prices of apartments may vary depending on their features. (South facade, apartment floor etc)


The Project is Guaranteed by TOKI

There are some criticisms for the Real Estate Certificate. Ergun Turan, said that the related shares can be sold or transferred during the 36 months construction period. The participants highlighted that 36 months are not attractive for the investors. Also there are some doubts about the income security. Turan answered these questions by the project’s region. Ergun Turan said that the region of the project is one of the most popular districts in İstanbul.

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