Tozkoparan Will Transform İnto ‘Urban’

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From citizens housing per square metre up to one to one available at an extra charge will be given. In contrast, more Yesil field to be created, the culture of the neighborhood will be protected, what will be what the AVM residence. The number of schools, culture and Sports Center will increase. It will be about a thousand pounds rent assistance; help for the duration of the project will continue until the end instead of 18 months. Municipal authorities in Turkey tozkoparan the transformation of the sample; in a real sense, urban transformation will be emphasized.


A protocol was signed with Toki, the municipality of Güngören then 5 thousand 500 houses last year, where the shop is located in an area of 190 hectares, began working for the transformation of 58. 25 percent of owners with housing understood, while others revealed that talks are ongoing to be convinced. Rights holders in the project to be done in 3 stages with the completion of the signature eviction and demolition work will begin.


Güngören municipality officials tozkoparan of the transformation from the citizens,not in a real sense, urban transformation will be emphasized. Authorities square meter in the hands of the citizens downsizing from the top, without asking money, the culture of the neighborhood without breaking construction to increase the intensity of to make a transformation to Turkey will be an example that follows The formula explained:


“This place is one of the rare places where the culture of Istanbul, the neighbourhood is protected. Therefore we will do a conversion instead of the style of the neighborhood protected the tissue site. How what will be the residence of AVM. In order to do this project without taking money from citizens just Toki, 58 hectares, 4 hectares of the record, we will give you as a commercial zone. Here they Shopping Mall, residence he won't. Instead, business, market, private schools, private hospitals, hotels will be able to do. Given the current people live in the area of 4 thousand square meters of tozkoparan public health facilities, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools. 5,500 number of housing while the housing is only 700 and we will add them. Additional housing to use it as a reserve area for urban renewal projects of the municipality we will do. Thus, we'll be out of the neighborhood population 16 to 19 thousand thousand. But in contrast, area 25 thousand square meters, 60 thousand square meters to the park we'll get out. In the middle of Istanbul bike paths, walking trails, fruit trees, live in a neighborhood that doesn't spoil the texture given to Tozkoparan.”

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