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Antalya Metropolitan Municipality company Antep and Sanpaş supported the transformation project, that covers an area of ​​1 million 300 thousand square meters. All of the projects in the pre-demand period are carried out intelligently and with sample conversion methods. The rubble from the building is being converted to be used in the project. Up to now, 600 tons of iron recovery has been delivered to the owners as 114 tons of wood fuel. 10 thousand 764 trees on the land were identified for use in landscaping and kept under protection. Private shelters were set up for street animals living in the region.

It is anticipated that the project, which has an investment value of 8 billion lira, will be completed within 8 years. Twenty-five thousand units will occupy 16-17 of the project and the sales will start at the end of the month.



Providing information about the transformation applied in the project, Housing Chairman Z. Altan Elmas emphasized that the transformation for Turkey on the fault lines is vital. Elmas said that the project would employ 5 thousand people and that it received 69 requests not only from Antalya but also from Istanbul and Ankara, including Izmir, Bursa, Balikesir, Eskişehir, Konya, Afyon, Isparta, Denizli and Mersin and the number of preliminary requests exceeded 19.

Elmas, who stated that they have signed an environment-friendly project, said, "Materials from all the buildings have been evaluated, especially concrete and brick-like rubble materials are being used as materials in roads and underground structures by setting up recycling facilities. and carried all of the qualified trees to the landscape by branding them."

Elmas said that priority is to deliver 5 thousand 73 people residences, which are entitled within two years, "With this, apartments that vary from 3 thousand liras to 5 thousand liras will be within the project, suitable for every income group from different segments."

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