Turkey Utilizes Cannes Exhibition to Strengthen Appeal

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Based on a release from the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), Turkey’s engagement and cooperation in this year’s MIPIM, which happens to be one of the world’s largest real estate expos which allows the coming together of over 20,000 professionals in real estate from 90 countries setup annually in Cannes, France, is deemed to be the most comprehensive one so far. The ITO Chairman İbrahim Çağlar said that there will be an increase as it relates to promoting Istanbul and the much wider Turkey. He went on to elaborate there is a tactical importance in using the MIPIM to globally advertise real estate sectors within Turkey and Istanbul.

The meeting will be held from the 15th to the 18th of March this year and expected to be attended by companies leading in Turkey’s real estate and construction sectors. Various activities are being developed by the ITO for the MIPIM expo that will comprise of competitions between various projects and cities. In the previous expo a 300,000 square meter Istanbul Real Estate Promotion tent was built by ITO and for this year, it is planning to unveil and promote the city of Istanbul within a facility of 685 square meters – which is more than twice the space that was reserved for Istanbul the previous year.

The ITO Chairman said that the project of urban transformation by Turkish firms, as well as a few mega infrastructure projects from the Turkish government will be displayed and promoted to various investors across 89 countries.

There will a lot of effort put into Istanbul’s promotion tent this year, especially given the fact that it’s set to be the central point for the expo as it relates to programs and daily activities.

This year, the Live Mockup of Istanbul was displayed for the first time and will be a part of this year’s exhibition. It is a representation of the four seasons of the city spread out over 69 square feet. As it relates to the mockup’s video mapping presentation, it was revamped completely and is currently the largest model of the city built to date and will use the aid of visual effects and sound to continuously show visitors around the clock.

There will also be projects promoted by top entities within Turkey’s calculated urbanization and mobilization such as the Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ) as well its subsidiary body Emlak Konut GYO A.Ş.

Separate and apart from unveiling the latest state of the art projects at the MIPIM, there will be a reception held on the first day for the foreign investors, which will allow time for socializing and meeting with between them and Turkish firms. For the second day, a panel will be selected to partake in arguments relating to the topic: “Metropolitan cities: Are housing needs and demands related?”
In the last expo, Turkish delegates attended the expo with a total of 700 people which bumped Turkey up the ranks when the amount of its visitors got to seventh position.

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