Turkish People Are Looking At The Area İt İs Located Before Buying A House

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ERA Turkey Real Estate Director Ufuk Şevki, who evaluates the procurement process of those who want to buy real estate, also shared the research results. According to this; The decision to invest in real estate starts with the residence where the consumer lives primarily to seek housing. For the first time, 75 percent of households are made up of people under the age of 35, the purchase period lasts for 12 weeks and most research is done on the internet.


"We see that more than 50 percent of the potential customers who are inclined to purchase are looking for more than just real estate," she said. 33 percent of buyers are being home owners for the first time, and 66 percent have a second or more property purchasing experience. According to the research; For the first time, 75 percent of households are made up of buyers under 35 years of age. According to the survey; buyers are looking for homes for an average of 12 weeks, 40 percent of them are buying from internet, 33 percent are consultants, 5 percent are construction companies and 1 percent are media houses.


6 percent of the Turkish people who give great importance to the demographic structure of their neighbors are seeking houses in accordance with this criteria and 50 percent of them are looking for houses according to their suitability for reaching the workplace.


One of the factors affecting 30 percent is the schools in the region. The decision-making ratio of the buyers according to the public transport is 10 percent. As a result of the rapidly rising real estate market, 95 percent of home buyers tend to home equity loans with a fixed interest rate.


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