Turkish Real Estate Sector, Gaining Domination the Arabic

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In the Turkish real estate sector, the influence of the Arabic language is increasing relatively. Among the working criteria in job advertisements, the increase in the demand for Arabic information was followed by signs and advertisements of real estate marketing companies. The fact that the citizens of the country with the Arabic language in the sale of foreigners housing is higher than the other countries and languages ​​in terms of buying or requesting housing constitute the main reason for the use of Arabic in providing the service of the industry. We can see the use of Arabic in the places where foreign demand is intense and in the areas where it is still intense.


Although Istanbul is the country with the highest total sales of both houses and foreign sales, we do not see it in every district and every real estate office. The use of Arabic for Istanbul is mostly seen in the regions where Syrian refugees concentrate and in the districts and firms that focus on selling foreigners. In a Turkish real estate market, a company that does not take into account the weight of countries with Arabic languages ​​in foreigners' sales ratios can not be a brand. In this respect, the fact that Arabic is being used by our real estate marketing firms is a necessity for the firm and the country.


Of course, the existence of such a market and potential does not, of course, require the use of foreign language in all real estate office tables with more than a Turkish language and large puntars. A region and sector that uses Arabic or any foreign language, has a foreign client and of course must use it, produce good service, and respond to the student. However, it is also important to apply it to the standards that local governments will bring. Indeed, no one wants to be alienated where he lives.


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