“Türkiye İş Bankası” is selling The Real Estates in 11 Cities

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The Real Estate has been developing for the last 10 years and people prefer to invest in this sector. By the rise of the sales especially in the last two months of 2016 is evaluated as a good indicator for the future. Economists are hopeful about this area. They say that 2017 will be the best year of the Real Estate Industry.

“Türkiye İş Bankası” put up the real estates for sale through the TURYAP. There are 26 real estates in these 11 cities. The prices start from the level of 28.000 TL.

The Bank has redundant Real Estate

“Türkiye İş Bankası” is selling its 26 real estates which are redundant ones in 11 cities. There are residence, lot, merchandise and workplace between these 26 real estates. Bank’s workplace in Pendik has been put up for sale at the price of 450.000 TL. Also the 6 real estates in Ankara have been planned to sell at the least price of 28.000TL.

The Cities where the Real Estates are in:

-Ankara               -Elazığ                           -Kayseri

-İstanbul             -Osmaniye                   -Mersin

-Adana                -Şanlıurfa                     -Sakarya

-Antalya              -Kahramanmaraş

The Bidders must deliver the some instruments as the copy of receipt in order to state the payment of the Money (bid price guarantee) to the bank, the specifications and undertaking by the authorized signature from any substation of the bank. They have to deliver these documents to the bank. Transfer of title and delivery of real estate will be worked after completing the proceeds.

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