Turks Have A Lot Of İnterest İn Spain

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Turks bought more than 1000 houses in Barcelona in the first 4 months of 2017. 12 percent of the total 8,800 houses sold in Barcelona (about 1056 units) were bought by Turkish citizens. Investors from Turkey became the second largest foreign investor group where the United Kingdom was the first one. The most resident sold in the capital of Spain's Catalunya region which is Barcelona.

Great Rise Percentage In Spain

Reports are from Lucas Fox International and the Spanish National Statistical Institute (INE). According to these reports, real estate sales in Spain increased by 26 percent in the first quarter of 2017. The biggest increase is in Barcelona with 58 percent and Valencia with 50 percent. The price increase rate in Madrid which is first in terms of material value, is around 109 percent.


Political Reasons Make People Came To Spain

According to Kerim Ulker's report from the World, it is possible to reach the details of city to city about the increase of interest in Spain on the Lucas Fox's website. Rod Jamieson, president of the company's operations, says the increase is due to easy funding and low interest rates, as well as political reasons too. Because foreigners who buy real estate are remarkable. The most sales were made by the British and the second one is Turkish people.

In the first quarter, 8,800 houses were sold in Barcelona. 29 percent of Barcelona's households are Spanish citizens. 25 percent is from the UK and 12 percent from Turkey. Turkey is followed by France and all the Gulf countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait with 7 percent. In other words, Turks have more than 1,000 hosts in Barcelona.

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