Urban Transformation And Unknowns

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Evrim Kirmizitas, who the award-winning consultant of the Real Estate Sector, has been declared as an urban transformation area of 140 million square meters in 50 cities in Turkey in concern with the urban transformation process are spoken on almost every platform.

While Istanbul has a risky area of 13 million square meters, Sirnak has 20 million square meters of area in the transformation process. " said.

The process of urban transformation has been closely watched by the real estate sector for a long time. In urban transformation, planning, intensity, sustainability and social impacts are still being discussed in a variety of platforms. The Minister of Environment and Urbanism has designated only 1,100 hectares of land in Istanbul as the urban renewal area. This corresponds to 50 thousand households and 20 thousand buildings, that live about 150 thousand people. According to Earthquake experts estimate that the realization rate is 2 per cent per year, a possible earthquake near 30 buildings will suffer damage.


Urban transformation is a long time Turkey's real estate sector is on the agenda, but are not enough get down to. It is very important to provide a controlled concentration in large cities such as Istanbul where mass migration and earthquake risk exist in Turkey. Sustainable urban planning, density and traffic, industry and air pollution and management quality are important issues that need to be addressed in the process of urban transformation. For the planned intensity, it is necessary to consciously increase the density in the economic and cultural points of the city, and in certain points, the density should be kept low especially in the green and social areas.

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