Urban Transformation Call From Ozhaseki

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In the past, Ozhaseki said that urbanization had taken place without the participation of earthquake calculators; he said they were trying to correct this.

Ozhaseki expressed that 7.5 million independent works must be sifted as soon as possible, that in 5 years they have only 960,000 of them hand in hand and therefore must move faster.


Night Implements

Ozhaseki reminded that the scientists said that there would be a serious earthquake in Istanbul until 2030, “This earthquake will not be less than 7. That’s why our mayor’s friends do not have to sleep at night. Day and night to account, to work, you need to work. We are not going to get rid of it by throwing responsibility at them. Citizens, municipalities, there are tasks for all of us, “he said.

Minister Ozhaseki emphasized that the municipalities should overtake the urban transformation projects and said, “We should meet with the citizens and start urban transformation as soon as possible, in places where the mayors are to be destroyed in the tiniest earthquake.”

Ozhaseki, noted that the same effort from all the county municipalities, saying, “Friends who do not want to do this, and return,” Urban transformation has turned into a rant. That’s why we are against it. That mayor of the mayor, I say rightly, plan for it, not rant transformation. Make the right planning and bring it. Let’s do what you do. I support you. Take a word and avoid it. Let’s do business.


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