Urban Transformation Can Not Be Done İn Uskudar For 5 Years

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Career Academy Uskudar and Hergun Newspaper Corporate Group Chairman Dr. Adnan Odabaş call for help President Erdoğan with the urban transformation in Uskudar that has not been possible for 5 years …

Career Academy Uskudar and Hergün Newspaper Corporate Group Chairman Dr. Adnan Odabaş, "Dear President, said in 2012, in the opening of Hz. Ali Mosque, in the request for town planning of the citizens, make your application about 'Urban Transformation, I promise you as Prime Minister of Turkey Republic, I will give your town planning ".


This project, which we started by providing 3/2 majority on 18 acres of land in Burhaniye District where you reside, and declared the Risky Building Area to the Council of Ministers in 2013, stumbled FETÖ’s obstacle on 17 December 2013, AYM of CHP’s obstacle on 1 March 2014, Kadir Topbas' obstacle for 7-month. We look forward to your assistance for the approval of our project, which is the first transformation project in the region and will be an example for 270 thousand people living under the risk of earthquakes. "

Although the Council of Ministers is declared a risky building area, we have not been able to obtain a license for 5 years!

Dr. Adnan Odabas said: "In order to prepare the urban transformation of the 16 districts in the Bosphorus region with the instruction of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Bosphorus master plans which conducted jointly by Istanbul Metropolitan and Uskudar Municipalities with 1/5000 and 1/1000 scales within the scope of Law No. 2960 was re-established.

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