Urban Transformation Contribution Of 2 Billion Pounds!

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Minister of Environment and Urbanism Mehmet Özhaseki, 2 billion liras to be provided by the sale of the facilities within the ministry, announced the transfer of transformation. Özhaseki emphasized that a new urban transformation law will be introduced within the scope of measures for depression, and said that the citizens who want to change their building will be given credit at zero interest rate and will be exempted from taxation. Özhaseki answered the questions asked:


How Will The Problems be Resolved, What Will Happen in The New Legislation?

First of all, there are rental allowances from the old days. 800/900 Turkish Liras per month, sometimes 36 months until the end of the building we are renting help. If you want to convert your own building afterwards, if you have interest from the bank, we support 4% interest.


What Will You Do For İstanbul?

For İstanbul, for example, ISMEP (İstanbul Project Coordination) unit. This is an organization that is trying to make public institutions in İstanbul healthier and ready for depression. There is a special budget. The hospitals, schools, and dormitories in İstanbul are transforming, replacing all public buildings. We make this organization work after that. We are setting up a separate unit for İstanbul, we are setting up a separate place for Anatolia.


How to Build Self Capital?

The one we are in is one of these (iller bank social facilities). We will sell all of them if there is enough land for sale. Where necessary, we will give the floor allowance as revenue share. We will sell the facilities at the required places. We are expecting a serious income of 1.5-2 billion here.


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