Urban Transformation Help In 4 Questions!

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If a structure determined to be risky in urban transformation is evacuated through agreement, the rights holders can benefit from some financial support. At the beginning of these subsidies are rent aids.

It is necessary to bear certain conditions in order to receive the rent allowance which is one of the help made. Those who bear the conditions can apply for a petition and necessary documents and rental allowance.

How much is the urban conversion housing allowance? What are the documents required for urban conversion housing allowance? If you say that answer ..

1- How many months is the rent subsidy for urban transformation?

Urban transformation rent subsidy is carried out for 18 months. However, work continues to extend the duration of the rent allowance.

2- What are the conditions for housing transformation allowance?

In order to be eligible for a rent allowance, the beneficiaries must be in a risky structure before the risky structure approval date. The invoice for the last three months, which should be taken from the beneficiaries in the Rent Aid Practices Guide, is three months prior to the eviction date, making it risky.

persons residing abroad, unable to provide rental assistance for risky structures must reside in Turkey can not be found in the application.

3- Documents required for urban transformation rent allowance

Filling out the petition for housing conversion allowance and providing the necessary documents for rent assistance is required.

1- Photocopy of identity card
2- Housing or workplace title deed
3- Risk assessment report form
4. Adress based population record example showing the new address for evacuation
5-Last 3-month invoice for residence permit

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