Urban Transformation In Istanbul Effects Rental Prices Too

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Like every year, sounds of construction rise up in Istanbul with the coming of summer. Urban transformation, which changes not only the houses but also profile and life style of the area, also effects the rental and sale prices of houses. Here are the areas which have already begun to change and transform…


Compared to the other areas, Atasehir has undergone urban transformation earlier. And it is one of the areas in which this change can be clearly seen. On one side there are luxurious building complexes, on the other side there are ancient buildings. It is said that 20.000 out of 30.000 buildings need to be restored and strengthen.


There is also an urban transformation in Kadikoy, one of the oldest and biggest regions in Istanbul. There have been noticeable changes in house prices after transformation in areas such as Caddebostan, Suadiye beside Fikirtepe. With the coming of new transformation projects it is also expected that there will be an increase in rental prices too.


Bagcilar is the most crowded region of Istanbul. It is estimated that over 50.000 houses are waiting for being renewed in the area, in which 10.000 buildings have been already renewed.


Zeytinburnu, which is one of the areas with the intense population in European Side, has urban transformation projects in Sumer Neighbourhood, which is the first earthquake transformation area in Turkey. While there are on-going transformation works in the area, which is also advantegous in terms of location, the prices are also increasing.


Maltepe, which is a favoured area in terms of real estate projects, draws attention with its closeness to the sea. It is expected that the urban transformation projects will reflect on the prices in the area in following periods.

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