Urban Transformation İn Istanbul Will Accelerate

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According to the “Transformation Projects Special Account Regulation” prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and published in the Official Newspaper, credits may be given by ministries to the ministries in order to make or acquire the residence and work place from the beneficiaries.


25 percent of the loan to be opened for those who want to do the house or work place by their own means shall be paid in advance and the remaining amount shall be transferred to the account of 3 equal installments considering the progress rate of construction. Sector representatives had evaluations on the issue. Chairman of Urban Transformation and Law Platform and Association of Anatolian Side Construction Contractors (AYİDER) Dr. Gürsel Öngören reminded that the provisions of the regulation are very useful and that the urban transformation in places where social and cultural facilities such as green area, school, kindergarten, hospital are sufficient is a renewal of risky structures one by one.

“If there are 10 apartments in an apartment and 8 of them are eligible to receive the conversion credit from the bank, but the two can not get credit because of the collateral problem or because the construction cost for the whole building could not be met, the building could not be renewed,” Ongoren said. Used expressions.

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