Urban Transformation in Kartal Has Begun

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Kartal Mayor Altınok Oz, Sariyer Mayor Sukru Genc, municipality unit managers and residents of buildings which started to be demolished have joined demolishing ceromony at Kordonboyu Neighborhood Tekel Street.

Kartal Mayor Oz, who has spoken in the ceremony, congratulated residents of 7 different buildings who have come together and agreed in transformation for their co-operation.

Oz also warned construction company: “There will be minimum car park for each single flat. I do not want to see any car at the streets. Make your plans based on this. There should not be any car at side streets in this beauty. Also protect trees in this area without cutting them.”

There Will Be Green Field In This 8.000 Square Meter Field

Oz, who has also requested roof water storage, according to the 64-th article of building bylaws, says: “We should benefit from roof water. Set some place for green field in this 8.000 square meter area. These buildings should be not only earthquake resistant but also futuristic.

Oz has stated that 32.493 people get their new houses with in-situ transformation and they are planning to reach up to 100.000 people by the end of this year. After his speech, building demolition of 7000 buildings has started.

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