Urban Transformation is Sacrifice Work

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The Urban Transformation and Strategic Approaches Convention is held in Izmir. The Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Mehmet Ozhaseki, TOKİ President Mehmet Ergün Turan, Izmir Governor Erol Ayyildiz, as well as numerous bureaucrats and sector representatives attended. At the opening of the Congress, Prime Minister Housing Development Administration (TOKI) President Ergün Turan spoke. He talked about the importance of urban transformation in his speech. He also told me it was important for future generations. He stated that this process is a sacrifice process. Ergün Turan said, "We have to rebuild our knots in urban transformation." "Despite the great efforts of our municipalities, our other institutions and the private sector, especially our Ministry of Environment and Urbanism, it is obvious that we need to work harder on slum prevention and urban renewal."


Ergün Turan stated that TOKI is doing urban renewal program in 54 provinces. He said he was carrying out active projects with an area of ​​about 72.5 million square meters. Ergün Turan, "Because of the need for urban renewal in all the cities of our country, we are also pursuing our urban transformation projects. As TOKI, we have already built 135 thousand houses within the context of urban transformation. Most of them are finished. " He also stated that he would not be enriched by urban transformation. He noted that renewal will take place through urban transformation.

He said that TOKI is doing horizontal, local and neighborhood concept projects. With these projects, people are saying that they no longer just need the "need for housing". They said it would increase people's interaction with the environment. He said that people demanded social life spaces that offer them the possibility of socialization. Ergün Turan, "For the last three years, new concept projects such as Horizontal Architecture, Neighborhood Culture, Local Architecture have been put forward. All the projects we tendered in recent years have been designed with this design concept. The buildings that reflect this look in many of our provinces are now up. One of these.

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